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Gold Coast Hot Air Balloon Flights

Hot Air Ballooning

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At the start of the day, you will be picked up at your accommodation. From there, you will meet the pilot and the other guests before heading to the hot air balloon flight launch point. Once you arrive, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on and assist with the inflation of the balloon if you would like.

Everyone will board the balloon before sunrise, so you can enjoy the sun coming up over the breathtaking landscape of the Gold Coast. You will quickly notice how fresh the air feels as you soar to an altitude of more than 600 metres (or 2,000 feet). Enjoy the calm and stillness of the early morning sky as you soak up the memories of a lifetime.

As you ascend, you can chat with your pilot and ask questions about hot air ballooning. It is truly an experience unlike any other, as the balloon is guided through the skies by the wind. During your voyage, the sun will begin to rise, which provides the perfect opportunity to take photos to cherish for years to come.

You are encouraged to bring your own camera and capture the majestic sights to share with your friends and family back home. However, there is also a professional photographer on board to take photos of the journey. If you would like, you can purchase the images at the end of the flight and download digital copies as well.

As the sun breaks through, you will see the Gold Coast and Hinterland in an entirely new light. Even if you are a lifelong resident of the area, air ballooning Gold Coast will allow you to view the region from a new perspective and further appreciate its natural beauty.

Once you arrive back on land, you will be treated to a delightful breakfast at O’Reilly’s Grand Vineyard and Homestead. As you chat about your experience with your loved ones and the other passengers, you will be greeted with a glass of sparkling wine to celebrate. From there, you can indulge in a hot breakfast before sampling some of the wines produced at the vineyard. At the end of the morning, you will be returned to your accommodation.

As part of your tour, you will receive a personalised flight certificate to commemorate your voyage and put on display when you arrive home.

Gold Coast hot air ballooning is held year-round, in part due to the ideal climate in the region. No matter what time of year you choose to ride on a hot air balloon Gold Coast, you won’t be disappointed. The views from the air are unrivalled and will provide you with an experience to share with friends and family.

Hot air balloon flights make great gifts for the adventure seekers in your life, such as your partner, friend or family member. It’s certainly an experience that you won’t forget and should be enjoyed with those you love. Including the ride, breakfast and wine tasting, the hot air balloon ride cost is quite reasonable.

As you plan your next visit to the Gold Coast, make sure a hot air balloon flight is on your to-do list. The gentle feeling of floating through the sky gives an unparalleled rush that you’re sure to love.

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