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Frequently Asked Questions

Our beautiful Country

1. How safe is Australia?

2. How hot does it get in the summer?

3. What time is it in Australia?

4. What size is Australia?

5. What is the population of Australia?

Visiting Australia

6. Is there much accommodation / should I book in advance?

7. Is there any public transport? Do I need to hire a car?

8. Do I need a passport or visa to enter Australia?

9. What about Driving in Australia?

10. Are there any banks?

11. Will my electrical appliances work?

12. Where are the foreign exchange offices?

13. How much is a cup of coffee / breakfast / dinner?

14. What is the currency?

15. Is the water safe to drink?

16. What is the minimum drinking age?

17. Is there any departure tax when leaving Australia?

18. Are there any Supermarkets?


19. Why should I book before I arrive in Australia?

20. Once I have received my E-ticket will my trip definitely go ahead?

21. What happens if it's bad weather?

22. Is there a booking fee?

23. Can I change my booking?

24. Can I cancel my booking?

25. What happens if I lose my ticket?

26. Is it cheaper if i book direct?


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