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Fraser Island Tours

Fraser Island Tours

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Tours to Fraser Island

Say hello to Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island and home to unique flora and the purest strain of Dingoes on the east coast of Australia. There are many Fraser Island tours that visit this Unesco-listed Island, each one is an unforgettable adventure into the beautiful wilderness. Fraser Island is the only place in the world where the rainforest grows from the sand, which enables you to drive through rainforest on guided and self-driving 4WD tours to Fraser Island. Fraser Island tours are jam-packed with crystal clear fresh lakes, sensational scenery, remarkable swimming spots and exciting 4WD tracks, making it one of the top tourist destinations in the country.

Fraser Island tours are either day tours, guided tours or tag-along tours. Day tours on Fraser Island mainly consist of a guided 4WD tour departing very early in the morning and returning late in the evening to maximise daylight hours on the Island. Overnight tours to Fraser Island often include camping or accommodation for 1-2 nights on the Island. These 4WD tours to Fraser Island are a unique experience which allows you to drive yourself around the Island by following a lead car. You can get behind the wheel but also sit back, relax and enjoy the views are there are sure to be others in your car wanting to drive too.

What is there to see on a Fraser Island tour?

Tours to Fraser Island are full of stunning photo stops and with over 100 freshwater lakes there are endless locations to take a dip. Fraser Island tours all visit the aqua blue Lake Mckenzie, which has unbelievably clear water. Other common stops on Fraser Island Tours include Lake Wabby, Champagne Pools and taking a leisurely float down the turquoise Eli Creek. You will certainly want your camera for the iconic Maheno shipwreck, which lies photogenically on the shore. Fraser Island really is also the perfect place to get behind the wheel and try off-roading through luscious rainforests or putting your foot down on Fraser Island’s sandy highway, 75 Mile Beach. So pack a small bag and get yourself out on a day or overnight tour to Fraser Island as this will be one of the highlights of your east coast trip.

What to take on a tour to Fraser Island?

On Fraser Island tours it is required that you do not overpack as space is limited, so just the essentials! Most overnight tours to Fraser Island will have luggage storage on the mainland for you. There are a few shops that sell basic supplies, but it is highly recommended to take everything you will need for the duration of your tour to Fraser Island. If you are staying on an overnight tour to Fraser Island, the company will have it all covered, but be sure to bring a $2 coin for the operated showers available at the campgrounds.

Are Dingoes dangerous on Fraser Island tours?

Like most animals, they can be. But spotting the iconic Dingo on Fraser Island should be very exciting, but it's important to remember Dingo safety. You will have no issues if you make sure you keep all food locked away, you clean up after yourselves and walk everywhere so as not to draw a Dingos attention. Dingos are a protected species and are those spotted on Fraser Island tours are the purest in the whole of Australia, so are well worth trying to catch a glimpse of!

How do I get to Fraser Island?

Fraser Island is around the half-way point on Australia's east coast in Queensland, with Noosa and Brisbane being fairly close. There are no bridges that access Fraser Island from the mainland, so most board a ferry at either Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach, with some tours to Fraser Island including a pickup on the Sunshine Coast from either Brisbane or Noosa.


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