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    Do you teach skydiving courses? where can I see prices and others

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    What time is the transfer back to sydney from picton? Can my sister transfer with me for free if she isn't skydiving?


    Hi Jess. If you book the 7am Sydney Skydive departure then you'll be back by about midday, if you book the 11am then it will be more like 4pm or so before you get back. These times are only rough estimates as it really depends on how many skydivers are in your group and what the weather is like on the day.

    Sometime if there is room in the van then spectators can go along but this will not be known until the day. If you prefer you can both drive out to the dropzone. Will you have access to a car? What date are you considering skydiving? It does get busy this time of year so if you can let me know what dates you are available I can let you know if there is any availability for you.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 15th Dec 14 at 14:49

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    Hi, I am looking to book this skydive for 3 out of the 4 people in our group, however just wanted to check that the 4th person would be able to come on the transport from the Sydney CBD, to watch the rest of us do the skydive even though they won't be doing it themselves?
    Pleas could you let me know as soon as possibl as we'd like to get this booked.
    Many thanks


    Hi Samantha. Yes spectators can come along in the van to watch you skydive in Sydney. There is a charge of $30 per spectator which covers the cost of the return transfers to and from the skydive drop zone. Please note that preference is given to paying skydivers but if there is space in the van for spectators then they can come along. There are usually a few spare seats in the van but this can not be confirmed until the night before. Alternatively, spectators can drive out to the drop zone them selves.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 28th Feb 14 at 16:38

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    Hi!i would like to book but is a gift so i can.t decide the date and time..is it possible to buy just a voucher and then decide later for time and date?


    Hi Ivi. Yes you sure can book an open dated gift voucher for the Sydney tandem skydiving or any other activity listed on our website. Just click on the 'Book Now' button and then check the box that says "I want this to be an open dated gift voucher" and follow the prompts. You can then write a personalised message and once you add it to your shopping basket and pay with your credit card in the Check Out page you will instantly receive the open date gift voucher:


    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 8th Aug 13 at 17:59

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    Hi there

    We are interested in a weekday skydiving on 9 Aug 2013. I see that the price would be AUD 255. Please advise how much it would be to add on Photo taking, if you have such an option? Hope to hear from you soon!



    Hi Cindy. If you book the Sydney tandem skydiving then the cost of the photos is $99 or $139 if you get the photos and video. You do not need to pre book your photos or video, this can be arranged on the day when you check in for your skydive.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 5th Aug 13 at 18:56

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