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Shark Dive Xtreme - Sydney Sydney

Sydney Shark Dive Experience

    Latest Questions about Shark Dive Xtreme - Sydney (Sydney)

    Would like to buy for my son's 13th birthday present.

    He is a state swimmer so no issues in the water. Is there a height or weight restriction or is this just dependant on age?


    Hiya, Unfortunately its based on age, and for this actvitiy divers must be aged 14 or over. King regards, Alicia

    Comment by: Alicia on 28th Jul 17 at 16:35

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    Hi all, please could you tell me how many people are in a dive group? I can swim a little but am very nervous. Do you think this experience would be OK for me?


    On the Manly shark dive experience, there are 4-8 scuba divers in each group and its perfectly fine for first time divers. The dive instructors are really good at assisting and guiding nervous divers (as most people are). 

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 8th Jan 17 at 09:55

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    Do you have vouchers and are they valid for 12 months? If I pay by credit card can the voucher be printed off, same day.


    Hi Pam. Yes you can certainly book an open dated gift voucher that is valid for the manly shark dive for 12 months. Once you book online a gift voucher is emailed to you instantly. To book simply click on the Boon Now button and then select "I want this to be an open dated gift voucher".

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 12th May 14 at 13:51

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    Hi There.
    I am concerned about the cost of the pictures given that the experience itself is expensive. Are the pictures included and if not what is their price? Can I take pictures from the outside glass of the people in my group experiencing the dive at no cost?



    Hi Karina, camera's are not permitted in the tank however if friends or family are going to be there watching you then they can take photos through the viewing tunnel. Alternatively, there are underwater souvenir photo or video packages available for you to purchase afterwards starting from $30 for 1 photo and if you want to purchase additional photos they are $15 each. The next package is $60 which includes the video and 1 photo or you can purchase the $120 package which includes all of the photos and videos. There will be between 30-50 photos and between 3-5 minutes of video footage.

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 26th Feb 13 at 17:11

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    Hi there. The Manly shark dive looks awesome! Can I ask what type of sharks we will be diving with and are they dangerous?


    Hi Elspeth, the sharks that you will be diving with at Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary are Grey Nurse Sharks which are endangered on the East Coast of Australia. They look menacing with their teeth however they are fish eaters and not interested in anything that they cannot fit in their mouth in one go. They are unable to tear flesh with their teeth...unlike Great White and Tiger Sharks. 

    Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 2nd Nov 12 at 15:59

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