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Liveaboard Dive Boat - Divers Den Cairns

Liveaboard Dive Boat - Divers Den
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Liveaboard Dive or Snorkelling Trip aboard Ocean Quest

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Service rating:

The food was amazing, everything was well coordinating and we got tons of great diving in! Overall, I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to dive the Great Barrier.

Product rating:

The liveaboard was amazing, food was excellent, and the diving was beautiful. We got tons of diving in, but I do highly recommend at least 3d/2n

Reviewed 14-Dec-2019

Reply from Everything Travel Group

Thank you so much for your feedback. We really appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your great experience. We hope you had an amazing time in Australia!

Posted 31-Dec-2019

Service rating:

Good diving, first 2dives are with day divers on smaller boat.

Product rating:

Staff was friendly and helpful.

Reviewed 26-Oct-2018

Everything Travel Group Review

Wow!! If you are a certifed diver then this is a must do while in Cairns. The liveaboard boat is awesome with plenty of room to relax, spacious bedrooms, friendly staff, tasty meals and most importantly plenty of great dive sites. The night dive with sharks is by far the absolute highlight of my life. It beats jumping out of a plane, heliskiing or bungy jumping hands down!

Suggestions: Book for a couple of nights as one night just isn't enough and even if you're scared of sharks (like me) make sure you do the night dive. I promise you wont regret it!

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Reviewed 28 Feb 2012 by Everything Travel Group (Callum)

Latest Questions about Liveaboard Dive Boat - Divers Den (Cairns)

Is the Intro Diver choice part of getting a certification for someone who isn't already certified? Or what exactly does that mean? I am certified already but my boyfriend isn't. So he's wondering if he should do the intro diver or the snorkeler option, if he does want to get certified.


The Intro Diver package is a great opportunity for those who have never dived before to try scuba diving & learn the basics while exploring the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. The Intro Dives are not part of an open-water certification. For those who wish to get certified, we have a 4 - 5 days Learn to Dive Course option.

Comment by: ETG on 26th Apr 20 at 09:47

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I've never dived before and not sure if I'm comfortable with it. Is it possible for me to get a short intro dive and then upgrade to the intro diver package if I'm comfortable?

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I am planning to go diving in October and I have Diabetes type 1. Am I allowed to dive? Do I need a doctor certificate?

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Hi - Both my partner and I are certified divers. I have my 30m ticket and Steve has his 18m. Will it be possible for Steve to do a 30m dive whilst on this trip to become certified to 30m? Also, the dates we are thinking are Nov 3, 8am departure (2 nights) and returning Nov 5 4:30pm. We'll jump on a flight back to Melbourne the following day. This is Melbourne Cup weekend for us. Hoping there is availability. Thanks, Kara

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Are there any daytime dives with sharks?

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Hi there, I am looking to be booking for my self, what is the go with rooms for individual travellers?

Kind Regards

Jarrad Jones


Hey Jarrad, with individual travellers you would be sharing your twin room with another person on the boat. They try to keep the rooms same sex,, although this isn't guaranteed. If you did want to book your own room this is possible, but it would be the price of your package plus a snorkeling package ($505) with an extra $150 per night. Warm regards, Sally

Comment by: The Everything Travel Group (Sally) on 9th Aug 17 at 15:47

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We're looking at a 3-day live aboard dive trip on Jan. 15th 2016. we've been told Jan. is bad weather for diving. Can you advise?


Hi Elizabeth. The summer months in Cairns (Dec-Mar) are considered the rainy season with days usually in the high 30's celcius and regular rain. This doesn't really effect you when you're under the water but the rainy season also means stinger season which means that there are jelly fish. Now again, this is not too much of an issue as out at the reef the jellies don's cause too much trouble. They can give you a little sting if you get one of their tenticles on you but its just like a bee sting and you can wear stinger suits which are provided by the reef boats and do offer some protection. If you were coming in late February or March then that's the cyclone season but you aren't so not to worry.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 4th Apr 15 at 11:47

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Can non-certified divers do the night dive with sharks?


Hi Jamie, the night dive is only for certified divers on the Deep Sea Divers Den Liveaboard trip. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 10th Nov 14 at 17:46

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Hi, I would like to know which places does the 4 day trip go to, and if it is a different boat the one taking 4 days than the ones taking 3 or taking 2


Hi Julian, Deep Sea Divers Den Liveaboard boat has access to 14 different sites on the Outer Barrier Reef including the Norman and Saxon Reefs. The boat will choose the sites depending on the weather and diving conditions. Yes, you will go out on the day boat and then be transferred to the liveaboard boat for the nights you are there and then come back on the day boat again. 

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 9th Jan 13 at 14:33

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hello, im just wondering what the full price would be for 3 days and 2 nights?


Hi Peter. The price for staying for 2 nights on the Deep Sea Divers Den liveaboard dive boat differs depending on whether you are a diver or snorkeller. Please check the prices tab for the up to date prices and you also need to pay $20 Barrier Reef levy per day while you are on board the boat.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 5th Dec 12 at 16:14

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Would you recommend this trip for people who are not certified divers? I know you don't need to be certified, but it looks like a pretty good dive boat?


Hi Matt. The Ocean Quest overnight dive boat is perfect for certified divers, snorkellers or Introductory divers. Its a big purpose built dive boat with highly qualified and helpful crew that help make it a great experience for everyone.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Callum) on 29th Feb 12 at 11:36

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is this a good snorkelling experience?
it cater to divers, but i want to do something like this only snorkelling.
and also, does the journey allow us to see the islands landscapes a bit?


Hi Callan. The Ocean Quest is a great choice for what you are looking for as they offer trips for snorkellers as well. There will be divers on the boat also but you can choose a snorkel only package. You have the option of going for 2 days and 1 night, 3 days and 2 nights or 4 days and 3 nights. You will have a great experience on board Ocean Quest and will have fantastic views on the journey to and from Cairns as well as while you are at the reef.

Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Belinda) on 27th Feb 12 at 17:25

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