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Reef Boat Day Trip - Passions of Paradise Cairns


Latest Questions about Reef Boat Day Trip - Passions of Paradise (Cairns)

Hi! for the 10min free scuba demo, does that mean we will get to scuba dive for 10min? And if we get the package cruise and 1 intro dive, can we snorkel aft the dive? (if yes do we need to pay and how much)
Hope to hear from you soon have a gd day!


Hi Cindy,

Yes you will get around 10 minutes in the water with all your scuba equipment on this Passions of Paradise Boat. During this 10 minutes you will be 1m below the water practicing your scuba skills and then if you want to get out after 10 minutes you can with no cost, however if you want to continue and do a full into dive, you simply pay when you get out of the water. You can make the decision to do this when on the boat and you can snorkel after the dive as well.

This is a great boat and with great crew.



Comment by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 12th Aug 12 at 14:27

Posted by: Everything Travel Group (Nigel) on 12th Aug 12 at 14:27 - 1 comment

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